Casino Affiliate Programs - Blue Star Online Casino

Casino Affiliate Programs – Blue Star Online Casino

Casino affiliate programs are arrangements through which online casinos provide compensation to natural persons or legal entities that attract new gamblers to their website. Remuneration amounts depend upon each casino’s individual affiliate reward model.

Establishing a casino affiliate program is relatively straightforward. First, you will need to develop an advertising tool that promotes casinos, poker sites or sports betting online venues with which you’d like to collaborate.

Cost-per-action (CPA) model

Content creation is key to the success of iGaming affiliate marketing, while selecting an appropriate mix of payment models (CPA and revenue share models are two such examples), each having their own benefits and drawbacks.

CPA models pay affiliates a fixed return per player that they bring into a casino, making this model ideal for new affiliates who require quick returns, but may be less profitable for experienced affiliates who convert more customers.

To attract and retain top performing affiliates, iGaming operators should offer special bonuses that offer unique value propositions. Scaleo’s iGaming affiliate platform features a 2nd Tier Commission system which rewards affiliates who meet specific all-time revenue targets with higher commission rates while keeping affiliates motivated. This has proven an effective means of increasing commission rates while simultaneously keeping affiliates motivated.

Revenue-sharing model

Are You an Affiliate Looking to Break Into the iGaming Industry? Consider Online Casino Affiliate Programs If so, these companies provide various payment models from CPA to RevShare as well as hybrid options and may even have unique tier structures which reward affiliates based on performance.

Revenue-sharing models are popular in iGaming and may provide up to 50% commission. They’re especially beneficial for new affiliates who may not know the best marketing strategies to employ; but you should keep in mind that not all revenue-sharing models are equal; make sure to read the fine print and carefully consider compliance policies before entering any agreement.

Gamesys Group, Poshfriends and Income88 are three of the most acclaimed casino affiliate networks. Each has an incredible variety of games and excellent marketing tools; making it possible to make significant amounts in just six months with them.

Payment options

Joining a casino affiliate program serves as an intermediary between the online casino and its players, paying out every time one clicks your link and makes a deposit at the casino. Your payments may come through revenue share programs or CPA agreements; some affiliates even benefit from hybrid arrangements where both revshare and CPA payments may apply simultaneously.

Casino affiliate programs that offer lifetime commission models provide lucrative lifetime commission models, which reward affiliates as long as their players remain active players. Bons Partners, for example, boasts this type of commission model with excellent support. Income88 also provides this commission model and features various payment options like cryptos. Their parent company 888 Holdings is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission so their high standards and strong customer loyalty program make Income88 an attractive option.


Casino affiliate programs can be lucrative ventures for both parties involved, but it is crucial that only legal gambling sites are promoted, to avoid potential lawsuits from government agencies and build trusted customer relationships.

Casino affiliates must not only promote the right gambling brands, but they must also abide by complicated and varied regulations. Although this can be daunting task, success can be achieved using specialized compliance software and continuing education courses.

Casino affiliates should stay abreast of the ever-evolving laws pertaining to online casino gambling, updating their content frequently and staying on top of new technologies that could radically transform the industry. They must also always be prepared to answer questions from players quickly and take on disputes efficiently in order to build player trust and increase conversion into real money gamblers.

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Author: Jonathan Diaz